Stranger and the sense of security

It felt kinda odd to be able to feel safe walking together with a stranger from a dim lighted bus stop back to home. 

There're 2 buses for me to choose from whenever I head home:

  • Bus 1 stops directly opposite home 
  • Bus 2 stops at a dim lighted and quiet bus stop which is 5-7 minutes walk to home

As Malaysia public transport system is unreliable, I would choose whichever bus that departs from the main station or I would have to wait for at least another 30 minutes before I get home. Given the options, I will not take Bus 2 because it's too quiet and my brother had met with a flasher somewhere near the stop.

The story began like this *drama a bit but not romance story* I started noticing that I've been getting on the same bus with this 'stranger' every morning and most of the evening after work. In the morning, we take the LRT to the same destination. I don't know when but we started smiling and nodding to each other every time we met (which is daily). This goes on for more than a month.

The weirdest thing is that I look forward to seeing him at the bus station after work. I always felt safer whenever I see Mr Stranger going home during the same time. It's as if he will protect me even though I don't know him. Every time when we get off the bus, he will walk behind me and if he gets down from the bus first, he will wait for me and never leaving me walking alone ^^ Kinda odd huh...

A companion at the bus stop :)

There was even once where it was raining heavily and he was walking under the rain while I had an umbrella. He was drenched and I walked towards him and offered to share the little umbrella with him. We walked back together.

Today, he chatted with me. After so long. We exchanged names but so sorry I didn't quite get yours (he is not Malaysian btw). He told me that today was his last day 'travelling' together with me. He had been working at his client's place and his project has completed. Today will be his last day going to his client's office for handover. Tomorrow onwards, he will be going back to his own office which is just walking distance away. Going out to work will never be the same again tomorrow... I will have to be more cautious again whenever I take Bus 2.

However, it was great meeting you Mr Stranger. Thanks for being part of my internship journey. I will also be stopping this 'travel' journey as my internship is ending soon.

So long. Till we meet again!

Images from Google: Totoro