Latest result

Today I got my final result. Should I be sad or happy with it? I have been stressing myself out for my final semester assignments as I wanted to increase my GPA to distinction (from 5.54 to 6.00) but no matter what I do, I will never ever make it already as even if I scored HD for both subjects, my result will remain Credit (below 6.00) only.

I thought I could score a "D" for my IMC but I got a C. However, I got a D for my C&O, which carries a double D for my result. I wasn't confidence for this subject as I don't think I do very well in my last assignment. Happy or sad, my result is fixed....

I am actually disappointed with myself because I have been aiming to score a Distinction for my degree... I don't even dare to tell people about my result as I am not happy with it. I just realized not long ago after all my assignments that in order to score D for my degree, I need to at least score D for all my subjects, not even a C. So, I stressed myself out for nothing for 2 semesters trying to score D's for all my subjects.