Being open

Someone told me the other day, I think almost 2 weeks back that I need to be more open (about my feelings and thoughts). Surprisingly this person doesn't know me but had been asking around others about my personality. They said that I am very quiet and doesn't want to talk with people even though I mix around with them. I thank you for waking me up that I have close myself up from everyone around me. Before this, my friends had also said that to me a few years back that I had close myself from a lot of people including my bffs and family. That time, I never realized it and as time goes by, I began distancing myself from everyone. I became quiet and reluctant to talk and what I talk will usually be something very general. I think it's time for me to be more open because if this continue, I wouldn't be able to mingle with the society any more. I don't think it's just the society but my friends and family as well. I'm going to be a recluse where people only knows me as the quiet girl, the girl who refused to talk.