Eat Pray Love

Just finish watching this movie today and it's a good one. A very meaningful and nice movie. Going on a holiday alone for soul searching and healing our own heart is a good thing. I wish I could do that too. And the view of Italy and Bali is really fascinating. I don't mind watching this movie again and I am so gonna go and buy the book to read (if it is not that expensive =p)....

A few of the things learnt in the movie:

  1. If you love someone, just love (Don't be afraid). If you miss someone just miss them. When you think about them, send them light. And then just drop it...
  2. It's a waste of time waiting for people to forgive us. We must first forgive ourselves.
  3. It's ok to lose your balance because of love as love is a part of our life.

Rating: 4/5