Travelling to Penang

Yeah... I finally got a holiday with my close friends and also getting to know new friends. I never once go out for a trip during my college years except the Ipoh trip. I didn't even go to Genting with my friends. The most was hanging out with them for a meal or two.

My memory of Penang is very vague as my last time there was years ago. That time I was around 5 or 6 years old. The only thing I remember about Penang was that I fell sick there. All I could remember is staying at the apartment crying and vomiting.

This time, the trip is very relaxing and on our way home, we went to Cameron Highland. That was the 2nd time I have been to Cameron Highland. The 1st was together with the Ipoh trip... On the way home, we took the wrong road and ended up at Raub.

We reached KL around 11pm, exhausted and hungry. I have to thank my best friend for planning the trip and Mr Driver who has been driving since the 1st day. I guess he should be the exhausted one as the rest of us got the chance to nap in the car... Thank you friends...

Penang (Loves sitting by the beach and loves the sea breeze...)

One very memorable thing in Penang was seeing a live marriage proposal...

Food ^^

Kek Lok Si Temple

Penang Quay

Cameron Highland