The unknown: Death

I had the weirdest nightmare the other day. I dreamt I was dead. I had various time dreamt that I was dead but they were very peaceful. However, this time around the dream was disturbing. I dreamt I was shot in the head, right at my temple. At that moment, all I could feel was that my whole body including my brain went numb while my eyes remained wide open. All I could do was to look at the killer. It was as if my soul is looking at him and that I could no longer feel a thing; no pain, nothing! I told my mom about that dream and she has been giving me a lot of lectures on not to go and do “silly things”.

Funny it may be but then have you ever thought about your own death? This nightmare made me realized that you couldn’t choose the way you die. Neither can you choose who would be by your side when you leave the world. It’s creepy but that’s the truth.

However, you can choose what you want with your own funeral (this is one of the topics touched when I was telling my mom about my nightmare). For the Chinese, they believed that wearing longevity clothes to the underworld is something very grand. I personally thought that the longevity cloth is a little creepy. I never thought that it was something essential as I prefer a white simple dress. Chinese customs have so many things to follow which makes the funeral creepy and scary especially with all the drums and ‘flutes’ sound. I don’t feel at ease attending such funerals. There are funerals which are more quiet and peaceful such as a Buddhist style of funeral where monks/ nuns read prayers for the deceased or a Christian funeral.

Being a Malaysian, I just realized that I don’t know anything about a Hindu or Punjabi’s funeral. I was exposed to the Malay style of funeral in my primary school education but not the Indians/ Singh. Should I say that my general knowledge is not good; my curiosity level is low or that there are flaws in the education system?