How do you handle pain?

It's a cliche to say letting go is the best way to handle pain. However it's so true. When your heart is dominated by pain and hatred, you are suffering. You might as well let go because you are not only freeing others but also letting yourself free. By letting go, you own something else - happiness and peace. 放下了, 便是拥有。。。

It's always easier said than done and I realized it when I chatted with N. I told him that he should make himself busy and leave the pain aside. Just ignore the pain and time will heal. This seems like I am going against my word from the 1st conversation as ignoring the pain is as if you are avoiding it. If you don't face your problem, how are you going to let go off your pain? Quoting D "run away and never be free"...

You must embrace pain and not fight it (N 2010). No matter how hard you try to ignore/fight against your pain, it will slip in to your life at a time you least expected it; at a time when you are most vulnerable. It is only by embracing it that you will become stronger. By accepting it, you can free yourself from the pain. However, I guess when you can totally become ignorance towards the pain, it could either mean that you have long let go (but never realized it) or you have long become numb towards the pain that it no longer matters (in fact, it's existence made you feel secure as you have long get used to it. Losing it is like losing a part of yourself).

Lastly, no matter how hard a situation is, always stay happy. Actually, happiness is something simple. Just see everything optimistically and you will be very happy. When your heart is at peace, everything is wonderful... Why bother yourself with so much stress/problems/pain? 幸福真的很简单。。。 每天早上醒来心情是平和的就够了。。。

My mum used to say that I am a happy go lucky person ~ 天塌下来当被盖... No matter how bad a situation is, always remain optimistic and calm, and then you will feel a lot better because there's no best way to handle pain. Everything depends on how you view that pain itself and how you embrace it.... ^^