2011 resolution

Friend: What do you intend to accomplish before 2010 ends? Getting a new bf operation in 3 months?

Me: Ya ya (Kiddingly)

My thoughts:
Why do we need a project to get bf? This things should come naturally. There's no point forcing yourself into a relationship with the wrong people just because you want a bf/gf and not because you like that person. And there's no point starting a relationship that wouldn't bear any fruits (This comes from a conversation with another friend).

2010 has been a time of change. My life now is so chaotic that I don't even have the time to stop for myself to read a book or two. The amount of time I spent outing with just ONE particular friend (CK/D/N) within this 1 month plus is already a lot more compare to my life before that. I don't even have the opportunity to stay home for a whole day during the weekends. Movie, dinner, supper, lunch, gathering, farewell, etc... I'll be out the moment anyone messaged me. Within this 1 month + 1 week, I have already watched 8 movies. For me to watch 8 movies last time might take me 6 months or even more.

There are even more people who is concern about me right now and they will be there for me when I need someone. So, why should I rush to get a bf unless the right one or someone who really cares and loves me come into the picture?? I always tell my friends this: I don't need someone rich, I ain't materialistic... I only need someone who cares and loves me and places more importance in me than his friends...

I never thought of my own aims until being questioned. Ok... So here goes my 2011 resolution:
  1. To learn how to drive and get my own car so that I can be independent (no longer need to depend on anyone).
  2. To be able to get and handle a project on my own.
  3. .......
I think that is for now. I can't think of any new one for now.

O ya... I haven't answer my friend's question - What do I intend to accomplish before 2010 ended? I think the only thing I want right now is to slow down and get my life back into track...