Haunted Changi

I watched this movie together with my family. I should say surrounded by my family. Mum and youngest sis sat behind me, bro and dad on my right while sis and bf sat on my left. The laptop was right in front of me. Watched horror movie but felt fully protected by my family. ♥

I wonder if the whole movie is real as at the beginning, it mentioned that the movie contains the original footage of the film crew who visited the Old Changi Hospital. If so, did they change anything from the real story? Did Andrew Lau died? Is the footage of the ghost real?

I felt unwell almost towards the end of the movie due to motion sickness. At first I thought that the cinematography was bad until I found out that the part in the secret tunnel was the original footage.

Rating: 3/5

Although the movie is quite boring and I almost fall asleep at the beginning, it deserved this rating. This is because it managed to evoke the fear in me unlike certain horror movies that doesn't carry any scary elements. The movie started to get scary when they started shooting OCH at night. Paranormal activity. Scary and spooky.