My Soul to Take

It just strike my mind that yesterday was my first time to watch horror movie at the cinema. Of course this exclude my vague memory when I was 4 or 5 years old when I went to watch Chinese vampire movie at Subang Pawagam (now that place has become Asia Cafe plus I slept through the movie because I was too scared). I watched the movie 'Let Me In' which I don't consider it horror movie as it is not scary at all.

Trust me... It was really my first time as all my BFFs don't dare to watch horror movie. Pathetic right?! cause I really love watching horror movies and I always end up watching horror movies such as Final Destination, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Streets, Child's Play etc etc; alone or with my mum on Astro (or sometimes in my lappy) during the night.

I don't consider this movie too scary but it is still nice. Partially I think I don't find this movie too scary because part of my attention went to my movie partner who acted so funny and cute while watching the (horror) movie. xp

O ya... I found the conclusion not that good as it was too easy for Bug to kill the "evil thing" with just one stab while at the beginning, his dad didn't even die after being shot several times and still have the strength to kill others.

Rating: 3/5