PS: ILY til death

Today I read a very emo post on FB. A lot of people have been dropping by to this person's FB: Alviss. The story is that he commited suicide for a girl he was in a relationship/dated for 4 months. His last note to the girl: 你的无情...给了我无比的缺心

Did he really committed suicide? Laksou stated that he had jumped down a building. Many people think that he is very silly because he had only been with the girl for only 4 months but who knows what is really going through his mind?
You may think that his action is silly but to have someone to love you till this extend is also quite touching. Will you be able to find one like that or can you love someone this deep?

Some people really places love at the 1st place. They treasure their love ones more than their own life while some people can just dump their love for someone they have been with for years as though it meant nothing at all. But how many people can actually love someone till the extend that they will love them til they die?? How many people can actually hold on to the oath they made - till death do us part - when they get marry??

But if he really loves the girl, he should have thought of her feelings. She will feel very guilty for the rest of her life. Everyone especially his family member will blame her and how will she face his death if she still loves him? She will only blame herself for causing the death of someone she loves/once loved... Even if she doesn't love him any more, she shouldn't be the one to be blamed. Love cannot be forced. So, I don't see the point people pointing finger towards her that she is cold blooded and the one who caused his death.

We are nobody to judge what he did and also a nobody to judge the girl. May he rest in peace...