Happy New Year people. It's a brand new year, brand new start and I had a brand new experience today. Sis brought mum and dad to sing k at IOI Redbox. It would be the 1st proper sing k session apart from the one at Genting Highland. ^^ Oldies, ABBA, Theresa Teng songs filled the room.

Room No.23 (My birthday date ^^)
Since today is a new year, let me start something new as well. Let's just skip the new year resolution thing as I had already blogged about it. I think I should start to blog about food.

Today I went to Ahwa Restaurant at Section 14 for its famous Jalan 222 Hokkien Mee. I guess different people have different taste buds. I don't think that it is very great. I think that the Hokkien Mee is just ordinary and according to mum, she said it's a little too salty. To be compared with the one at Genting Kelang near Tawakal Hospital, I would prefer the latter. However, it is worthwhile recommending considering it is hard to find Hokkien Mee that still taste OK, I meant better than average especially comparing the charcoal Hokkien Mee at Uptown. I think the price is a little expensive considering the prawns and pork given is so less. I think there's only 4 prawns for a serving of 3 people.

Pic courtesy from KYspeaks.com
The restaurant also served satay, lobak, popiah, sotong kangkung and etc. To be honest, I wouldn't recommend you to order the satay there.

Restaurant Ahwa
66 Jalan 14/48,
Petaling Jaya

Price: RM 6 per person
Rating: 4/7