Assam Laksa at Wai Sek Kai

Last week I went to SS2 Wai Sek Kai and tried this assam laksa. I think it is quite nice although I found 1 blog stating that it is a little disappointment to him/her. Personally, I think this assam laksa is better than the Little Penang at the Curve. The gravy is better, the fish is better. The fish meat in the Assam Laksa by Little Penang tasted damn weird. Of course both can never beat the Assam Laksa in Penang.

The stall name
Got this pic from another blog. The gravy looked a little different from the one I had. My one is thicker.
I finished the gravy. xp

Price: RM4.50 for small, RM5 for big.
Rating: 5/7

Price for Assam Laksa at Little Penang: RM9.80. Include tax become RM11 something.
Rating: 4/7