Bone and pot

Having steamboat during a cold rainy day is almost something nice. I went to Bone and pot  有骨气 which is situated near the Kelana Jaya LRT to eat the other day. I like the ambiance there. It felt nice.

WT* the pictures I captured I accidentally deleted. I can't upload any picture here. This picture is from some other blog.
It's quite expensive though cause they are not like the usual steamboat shops where you pay once and eat all you can eat. They charge you by the food and broth you ordered. Quite expensive for 2 girls whereby the total damage is RM50.60. The list of food that we ordered and the price is listed as below:
  1. Hong Kong Tom Yam Broth - RM12
  2. Fresh pork slices - RM11.90
  3. Fish dumpling (6pcs) - RM4.80
  4. Abalone mushroom - RM5.80
  5. Chinese cabbage - RM4.50
  6. Yee mee (1pcs) - RM2
  7. Jasmine tea (per person) - RM1.50
  8. Tie kuan yin (per person) - RM1.50
  9. Mee hoon (1pcs) - RM2
I think if more people share it would be more worth it since the price of the broth is the same no matter what you ordered. The two of us ended up having diarrhea. It's either because the food is not clean or because the tom yam broth is too spicy. I don't think it is spicy but my friend said that it is very very spicy. As I had said before that different people have different taste bud. My taste bud is different than normal people. Whenever they think the food is not spicy, I will feel that it is very very extremely spicy. When they think that it is very spicy, I don't feel spicy at all. xp O yeah... I got allergic reaction after I eat there. My eye started to swell even before we leave the place.

Rating: 4/7 (Not bad but then minus mark cause it's expensive and I got allergic reaction & diarrhea after eating there)