Food and 2 Movies

Not updating my blog on time. I'll get this done fast to do my presentation which is due on Monday.

KRR RED day (12 Jan 2011)
It seems Kenny Rogers will have this promotion only ONCE a year. Just don anything RED (clothes, accessories, lipsticks, shoes, etc) and get 2 quarter meals for the price of one (BUY 1 FREE 1). Red for KRR refers to the colour of life and KRR wants to celebrate good health and vitality through good eating and healthy living. 

I went to KRR with my friends at The Curve. I was disappointed with the macaroni and cheese over there as it was not cheesy enough. I wonder was it because of the RED day or the quality of food there is not as good as the other outlets.

After having the dinner, we headed for movie ~ PARANORMAL ACTIVITY which is erm... so so only. Too much suspense but not scary at all. People scream and jump BUT then they will just laugh it away. You can't see the "Satan" but only feels its presence.  I don't consider the movie is scary as it wouldn't make me unable to go to bed at night.Usually after I watch a very scary movie, I wouldn't be able to bring myself to sleep straightaway after the movie. I need to do something to get my mind off the "scary thing" or watch some cartoon before going to bed.

Rating: 2/7

Let's just update this together in 1 post rather than separating them. The introduction was good. It made me anticipate for more. However, nothing much is worth anticipating for after that. The storyline is a bit slow. This movie is not as good as Sorcerer's Apprentice but it's still ok.

Although the girl is not a witch, come to think of it, the title does make sense. It's call Season of the WITCH because no one knows that it was the devil/Satan who was causing the havoc. Everyone thought that the viral was caused by the witch. So, for them, it would be the Season of the Witch. Plus at the beginning, one of the girls did react to the anti-witch spell which was chanted out by the priest.

Rating: 3.5/7

I will be updating on Gulliver's Travel soon as I will be going for the movie tomorrow. ^^