Fun Taipei Tea Cafe

This is referring to the one at SS2. I didn't get to take all the pictures of the food as my family started eating first before my sister and me reached there. We went there late. This is the set that I ordered:

Braised pork rice set
Honeydew milk tea
I think the food is average only but I like the fried salted chicken that my sister ordered. The honeydew milk tea not very nice cause it's quite diluted plus they put in so much colouring that I don't even dare to drink. Afraid that I'll get my allergic reaction again. I don't really like the milk tea there because they don't blend the ice in. They just add in the ice after they prepared the drink. I think the milk tea at LCS tasted even better.

Rating: 3/7
RM12 for lunch set.
RM3.50 for a cup of milk tea (additional RM1 for bubble).