Just as expected of Jack Neo's movie. Funny, entertaining and has wonderful moral values. It made me look forward for the upcoming reunion dinner. Too bad I'm only going to go back the day before Chinese New Year. I really "anticipate" for the whole spring cleaning, decorating and busybody-ing with the preparation of the dinner. Actually what I really anticipate was all the CNY delicacies and biscuits and bak gua (dried meat). I can't curi makan before CNY. Isk... I'll have to wait til CNY eve ar... Haiz... However, I kinda don't wish CNY to come. The nearer it is, the more uncomfortable I am feeling. Weird.

Any way, I'm out of the topic. It's a nice movie and I like the scenes whereby Ah Meng (Ah Niu) irritates/annoys his mum (Jack Neo). I like the character Mindy as well. Gamblers who watch this movie will surely go and buy the number "4273". Will you go and place a bet and try your luck?

Rating: 5/7