I suddenly come to an agreement that love is also an investment. When you love somebody, you will always hope for something in return. The most minimum also is wanting the other person to love you back. Unconditional love only comes from parents.

How do you judge the amount of investment? Do you judge giving all of yourself as a high investment?

Let us evaluate this situation and then only judge what should be consider the volume of investment (The situation here is just a mere creation):

Introduction to the personas: Girl A and B are more or less similar in personality. Girl A invested all. Girl B is seen as not investing highly as she does not belief in premarital sex. Both girls have been in a relationship for average of 5 years.

Mr X broke off with Girl A leaving her so sad and totally devastated. The girl who was perceived to have invested the most. She invested 100% of her everything. But one week later, Girl A was introduced to Mr.R and all her sad feeling is gone. All her previous feeling that she doesn't want her investment to go into bankruptcy is also gone. She started going out with Mr.R as friends. Even when Mr.X wanted to go back to her life, she doesn't feel anything already. It was if the love that she has for him evaporated into thin air in just one week.

Girl B, the one who was thought to have invested the lowest on the other hand had been depressed for months. Mr.X only messaged Girl B once to find out how she is doing. Although Girl B ignored Mr.X message, she wanted badly to reply him. She ignored Mr.X because she knows that the relationship will not work out any more. A month later, Girl B met someone that fits all her requirement of Mr. Right but she doesn't feel anything for him because she occasionally still misses Mr.X. Girl B only been able to move on with life after a few months.

Considering the length of time for these 2 girls to be okay, it is very obvious that the volume of investment should only be judged upon the feeling and love that a person put into a relationship. I totally disagree that giving all of yourself to be consider as high investment. There are girls who play and fool around. So how do you judge them? Guys who know how to respect girls will also think the same that the volume of investment should only be judge based on the feelings and commitment placed into a relationship.

Learn to love someone with your heart and not with what they can give/provide you. It is very hard to find someone who love you and at the same time doesn't hope to get anything in return. It is always easier to achieve happiness if you love someone without hoping to get anything in return. As long as the person you love is happy, you will also be happy and contented; even if you can't have them; even if they love someone else. Only this type of love cannot be liken to an investment. Only this type of love can be call true love.