Shaolin 新少林寺

How should I start? Erm... This movie is very sad (悲伤). Too many death. But this is a good movie. Some part is hilarious and the choreograph is good. The fighting scene is interesting. However, I think this movie is a little too long.

As a Chinese, Shaolin is something that I am proud off. So sad that in the movie the whole Shaolin temple was destructed. However, as Jacky Chan said "Shaolin lives in the heart even when they temple is demolished".

Nicholas Tse first appearance in the movie is handsome but once he removed his hat, he looked so ugly. Comparing him and Andy Lau, Andy is much more handsome even though he is a lot older. Hou Jie (Andy Lau)'s daughter, Seng Nam, in the movie is very cute. Pity that she has to die. 

Rating: 5/7