What If

Too many what if will only make you hope for something that will eventually disappoint you. What if this, what if that... Might as well don't think too much and let nature take its course.

A: What if he dates you out on Feb 14?
B: That will be IMPOSSIBLE.
A: What if that really happens?
A: What if lar... What will you do?
B: IMPOSSIBLE. *I never once celebrate Feb 14 and I don't think there will be an exception this year*.
A: What if only. Will you go out with him?
B: That wouldn't happen. Besides, I don't even know where I will be at during that time. I might still be back at my hometown.
A: What if he comes to your hometown?
B: That will be impossible.
A: What if lar?
B: IF that really happens, I will just go out only lor... Takkan you say no! *Maybe will feel moved, hard to say right? You will never know until it really happens.*

There's no point asking what if this happen, what will you do? What if that happen, what will you do? Who will know? When it happens, then only you will know. (*In heart think* - This type of "miracle" will not happen one).

What if I strike lucky draw of RMxxxxxxx? What if I suddenly become rich? There's too many what if to think about. Sleeping is better than thinking too much some times.