7 Feb - Food Foundry

Feeling disappointed and sad today towards someone I care. But some how there's always two sides to look at things which made my feelings all mix up. Should I feel gratitude that the friend cares for my feeling or should I be sad that if the friend really care for me, the friend would have allocate some time and come and look for me individually? I guess I don't stand any place in this friend's heart. The friend could have just asked if I mind joining them or not especially I don't find the need to lie as I have always look for this friend whom I considered bff when I am sad.

However,thanks for the little surprise which made me feel a lot better. I am sorry for not being observant about everyone around me. But appreciate that you brought me to a nice place. Never expect there's such a cute place at such a "secluded" place.

The place is call Food Foundry. With the Mille Crepe there, I'm sure it's the place Carol had mentioned before. Her bf went there and bought the crepe for her. It's located at BG-8, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, PJ. There's not many places in KL/PJ that sell Mille Crepe. When I googled for "Mille Crepe PJ" the results were this place. There's another place selling Mille Crepe in PJ but I'm not sure how good it is as I have never tried. It's in Sunway Giza but I don't remember the name of the shop (Also told by Carol). The price is a lot more expensive though. I think almost double (around RM16 per slice).

This picture I got from other blogger xp

The Mille Crepe is nice but still I prefer the one in Malacca.
Nadeje in Malacca (2009 trip)

Green tea, chocolate, vanilla and banana flavour

Green tea flavour not that nice if I didn't remember wrongly

RM6.50 per slice

Total damage for 2 person at Food Foundry: RM49 (including dinner)
The list of food and price can be found here (I'm not sure how accurate it is though).