Being attractive

Saw this article in NST and think that it is worth sharing. It's a 10 tips guide on ways to make yourself more attractive. I combined some and the descriptions are my own.

1) Love yourself
To people out there in order to be attractive it is about the way you carry yourself but the first thing is to love yourself. Love yourself for who you are so that you are confident about yourself. If you think yourself is ugly, how do you portray yourself as an attractive individual?

2) Be distinctively you
In order to be attractive, you have to be yourself. Never imitate others as that is not your own. Never blend in to others as that wouldn't make you attractive. You are only attractive when you are yourself; when you are different from the rest. However, never put on a mask as that ain't the original you. If you aren't yourself when you are with the person you like, how comfortable will you be? How long can you last wearing a mask to be a "good/potential" partner to the other person? The most important is for people to like you for who you are even though you are weird. I am who I am. I don't like to put on make up like all the other girls, I don't dress up fancily as that ain't me. I am plain but I am distinctively myself. ^^

3) Be healthy
When you are healthy, you appear more radiant and people will think that you look nice.

4) Outer appearance - Be good in the way you carry yourself
Being hygienic is an important factor. How will be people find you attractive when you smell? Apart from that, taking care of your skin and keeping you hair healthy and styled are also important factors. People wouldn't find you attractive when you are messy and when you have red spots/pimples all over  yourself.

5) Be nice & smile always
I think this is simple. No matter how beautiful, pretty or handsome a person is, if they are not nice and they always put on a black face, nobody will like them or find them attractive. Simple as ABC.

6) Be willing to participate
This is a matter of being sporty or not. If you keep rejecting people to participate in activities and conversation, people will just think that you are a recluse; anti-social and wouldn't like to be hanging out with you.

7) Be capable of carrying on a conversation
I don't remember what is the description of this point. However, I think that it should be that if you are not able to carry on a conversation with people, they wouldn't think that you are attractive as you will bore them out when you maintain silence all the time.