CNY movies

There's 2 movies review in this blog post ya ^^ I left out All's Well Ends Well this year. I wanna watch What Women Want. Anyone free to accompany me watch?

P/S: I didn't notice this post was written days/week ago. I've already watched What Women Want and I think I should post this before the movies are no longer shown in the cinemas.

I ♥ Hong Kong
Love ♥ this movie. It's way better than 72 Tenants of Prosperity. It's very very hilarious and full of 人情味...
An additional factor: watched it in a good mood, with my family. I treated my parents and siblings for the movie ♥

Rating: 5/7

Mr and Mrs Incredible
Walao eh... The trailer is so not interesting just like the movie. I wouldn't say that the movie is worst lar... Still acceptable. There's still funny elements in the movie. Very "fei" only lor... There's a lot of parody in the movie. Eg: Mario Bro's theme song appeared in the movie; Batman way of calling Mr Louis Koo in this movie by putting up "Hung Ming" lantern with "Transformer" sign; etc.   

Rating: 2.5/7