Tarot reading

I am quite superstitious as I do sometimes believe in tarot reading and daily horoscopes. For daily horoscope I will always refer to The Star newspaper since secondary school and most of the time, I find it to be quite accurate except for Sunday Star. The reading for Sunday Star usually don't make sense to me. After started working, I don't think it fits in any more and right now, I found New Straits Times to be more accurate. I don't really believe in the daily horoscope reading but I do like reading them just like I like to play 心理测验。

I rarely check out Tarot reading and it's only if I saw the application in Facebook that I will click in once in a blue moon to see for fun. This is my daily 3 cards reading as of 8 Feb:

Trying to prevent heartache is just right to the point. Having others I can count on in times of need is also correct. I am some how emotionally attached to 3 friends whom I seek support and/or advice from. I was feeling down yesterday and I did counted on 2 of them for support. Usually if it's L, I would have asked for a shoulder to lean on as well.

Usually in shows and movies, getting the Death card is a bad omen and death might be bestowing or lingering around you. This is the first time I opened a death card from the Tarot deck but I think it doesn't look bad with the explanation on changes. I do hope change will take place too even though I hardly changes. I'll always remain the same no matter what 打击 I encountered. I do find changes in a relationship whereby I'm starting to trust 1 more person and consult in this new friend for advice and opinion. O ya... just think of some changes in me. I am a little more sociable with acquaintances, I really meant extremely little more as I am still quite quiet when I am around people. And I agreed to a lunch which with my usual character, I wouldn't have agree and initiated the time.

I really got no idea what this card is talking about. Tomorrow gonna be a busy day. Usually 1 A4 size paper can list out my tasks for 5 days but I have already used up 1 whole page for my work tomorrow.