127 Hours & Black Swan

I watched 127 Hours at home so I don't know if there is difference between watching it at home or in the cinema. Even so, I don't think the movie is nice/interesting if I watch it at the cinema. The movie is very slow and confusing in a way as it has a lot of flashback and dream. Additionally, the whole movie has nothing that interest me apart from the part where he cuts his hand of that caught my attention and it stopped me from multi-tasking. O ya... 1 moral lesson learned here is that family relationship is very important. Maintaining relationship and letting people know where you went is also important. It doesn't kill to leave a message on where you are headed out to.

Rating: 1/7

Black Swan
This movie shouldn't be watched by people who is already mentally disturbed. I think this movie is just average. If you enjoy ballet dancing then it is okay as the choreography is nice. Besides that I finally know what is the story of the Swan Lake. The song that I love. The story that I have watched before but never remember it. The movie is confusing. The main actress is mentally disturbed and she died without even realizing that she killed herself. Something chilling. Could somebody really become like that because of an obsession? Committing suicide without even knowing it. The movie can cause emotional stress as well plus it's a little 18sx.

Rating: 3/7