3/3/11 - Lovely food, movie & song ♥

I really have to blog this out when all the points is in my mind or else it would be like the Valentine's post that I wanted to blog about but then I cut it out off my mind as I lost the passion and all the points inside it. It's gonna be an extremely long one though.

Here goes: Yesterday was the first time I ate Pasta Zanmai. I remember telling my ex when I was in my first year degree about it but never got the chance to try it out. I love the pasta there as it's quite different from the rest. Japanese pasta - something quite different but yummy ♥ 

Soft shell crab sesame cream pasta
(RM23, RM26 for set with miso soup and salad)
Love the cream. They give the black sesame powder separately and you can add in or without it. Both give different taste but I love them. I love black sesame soup (chee ma wu) so I would add in the sesame powder. My friend ain't that into it preferred to eat without the sesame powder. The sauce got a little sweet taste in it but it's just nice. The soft shell crab is so delicious, very crispy. Apart from Sushi Zanmai, this is the 2nd place where I think the soft shell crab is nice. I know, they are under the same family.

The portion is bigger. We took 2 empty bowls so we can share food
Ebi to ito cream sauce pasta
(RM23, RM26 for set with miso soup and salad)
The cream is like carbonara spaghetti. It's just nice, thick enough and it tasted stronger than the sesame cream. Lucky this come after we finished the 1st pasta.

This is the actual portion.
Green teas
(RM 3 per green tea)
The hot one is just like normal hot green tea but they come in a pot. One pot can pour out 4 cups of tea which is quite a lot although the pot looks very small. The special ice green tea... I was wondering what so special about it until I took a sip of it. It's different from any green tea as it  has a sweet sweet taste and it's fragrant. Love it a lot.

Rating: 6/7
Price: RM60.30 including gov tax and 10% service tax

Yesterday was the first day The Adjustment Bureau went on screen. I have wanted to watch it a few months back after I saw the trailer. It's a good love movie. I would say I'm a not realistic person. I belief in faith and destiny and most importantly, I belief in true love.

There's this part in the movie that stated this "If you truly love her just walk away". I have always belief that people should fight for the one the love and shouldn't give up on them easily. Why choose to walk away as you wouldn't be sure that when you walked away, the one you love will be happy? A quote I made last year: "It's hard to find someone you loves and whom loves you back. If you found them, cherish them and never give up on them easily. BUT never ask someone who no longer loves you to stay because it doesn't carry meaning any more." Just like in the movie, the only person Elise love is David. She was not even happy the day before her wedding registration with Adrian. I remember my friend saying that if you know that from the beginning the relationship is like drinking poison, why continue? I told him this "I've already consumed a whole bottle of poison and it doesn't matter because I love that person. I know it's dump but I am someone who follows what my heart tells me to". Love is an emotion that no one will understand. If you love just love with all your heart no matter what is the consequences as long as the both of you feel the same. Life's short, dare to love. Even if it fails in the end, at least the both of you wouldn't regret that you've once given up so easily on someone you loved and whom loves you back.

I love this script: "All I have are the choices I made. And I chose her. COME WHAT MAY!" I love this sentence "COME WHAT MAY!" If someone say that about me, for sure I will love them forever (if that person is someone I have feelings for. Not just random people lar...). Just like Elise, I don't belief in romance but if I fall in love with someone, that will be forever. I wouldn't stop loving until it ends. Although it's torturing to be in that relationship, I will stay because I am a love freak. No matter how bad a situation is, as long as you are with the one you love, everything would be just fine. It will work out own its own.

Rating: 5/7 or 7.5/10

And yesterday was the first day I listened to this song:
Darin - Can't stop love
We stand here today, together as one
You brighten my days just like the sun
When everything around is like stormy weather,
We always survive cause were in this together

Chorus *Whoever said that we could never hold on,
They don't know I found my star
(Baby you are my star)
And now I'm happy I stood up for so long
Baby this is where our story starts*

**I can't stop, can't stop this love
No matter what they say I love you
I can't stop, can't stop, I love you no matter what they say
I love you
They said this love was the impossible kind
But we were strong enough to fight for this life
I can't stop, can't stop this love
No matter what they say I love you**

Now I'm carried away because I've opened arms
You're here to stay, deep in my heart
They said that we couldn't, but we did make it work 
And nothing could stop us, not even two different worlds

Repeat chorus *to **

I can't stop, stop, No i can't stop
I can't stop, stop, No i can't stop... (x2)

Repeat chorus **

I think the lyric is wonderful and both the song and movie made my day. It got my thinking that no matter what people say and think that the love is impossible or it will not work out, what matters most is that the heart of both person stays together as one. Have faith and trust and everything's gonna be A-OK.