Assam Laksa

I've been addicted to assam laksa lately... Been craving for it at least once a week or whenever I saw it on the menu, that would be my first choice unless if I am very hungry. Here are comments on two more places I've been to for the assam laksa.

1) Uncle's Lim (Subang Parade)
To be honest, I don't like the assam laksa here. Not to the fact that I can't eat spicy food but to me, what makes a good assam laksa is its gravy. The gravy here is so watery and does not taste nice. It doesn't have the right amount of sourness that it should have. Even my brother didn't really like it. This is the first time I didn't finish my assam laksa. I think I only ate half of it but the amount of fish inside is quite a lot lar.... However, as I mentioned, different people have different taste bud, my cousin sister seems to like it a lot.

Rating: 2/7
Price: RM9.90 if not mistaken

2) Pappa Rich (Kelana Jaya)
The assam laksa here is nice. It's gravy is just right. Not only it's my own opinion, my friend also agreed with me. Sorry folks as I didn't snap a picture of it. A little embarrassed to do so as I was eating with a big bunch of colleagues.

Rating: 5/7
Price: Around RM15 per person including tax for a bowl of assam laksa and a glass of honey lemon juice