Blow water with friend

I am so so so tired. Exhausted. Been working whole day from 10.30am til 8.30pm. Standing some more. Twice 45 mins break also went jalan-jalan. Only one of it I took 15 mins to eat Mcd. My favourite. Mcd is the only place I don't mind eating alone. Been working til quite late or staying up til at least 3am lately for a week. I think I'm going to shut down soon.

Just finish "blowing water" with my friend. One more RC to do and I can sleep. I'm super addicted to my Restaurant City. Some how it still mean something to me. Actually it's nice to just crap with my friends. It made me laugh out without any reason. Like a silly girl but yeah. At least all these conversations keep me busy when I am not out, when I am alone. Although the conversation ain't serious or real at all, I think it's better than having none at all. See this stupid conversation and you know what I mean:

Me: Send me song is it? That's y sign in msn.. hehe...
F: swt... ya lor
Me: yeah... so sweet of u... hahaha... when 1 send 2 me? hehehe
F: 1min
Me: okay... heheh... correct song o not?
F: correct la... caj u rm5... gg
Me: >.< kiam siap... hahaha... swt wat?
*** cut off normal conversation ***
Me: song le? 1 min pass vy long jor
F: i giv u ady la
Me: when u give me?
F: send u long time ady... hotmail bodoh... gg--> kena marah >.<
Me: wtf wit d title? --> being rude
F: let u die... gg
Me: how i die?
F: love die
Me: long time ago edy die
F: u love me?
Me: now change 2 love u jor ma... haha... cant stop loving (friend's name)... hahah --> d song name is can't stop love by darin
F: reli mah? deal... belanja me go watch concert... then let u love me.. wakaka --> my friend "promised" to treat me and now reversed the situation
Me: eat shit la u... dun think 2 much... haha --> This is my trademark. I don't scold foul languages instead I used "eat shit la u"
F: wowowo... wan go sleep lor... 2moro work
Me: my love for $$ is more than u... haha... --> rofl
Me: go sleep la
F: enjoy ur song ya
Me: thank u so much xxx gud nite
F: zzz... $ minded
Me: ya ya... go sleep la... dun so late sleep --> I've always tell this to a few of my friends
F: not good girl... okok... love me forever
Me: i 10 more min go oik oik jor
F: wakhaha
Me: blek... haha... gud nite
F: ok... gud nite
Me: really correct song... yeah... --> yeah means I am very happy... Simple me get happy easily
Me: thank u thank u... love u so muchie... haha

Haha... I wonder how many friends I can really talk like this to them. Later I'll scare them away. Crazy me but it's so funny.

I think this picture is so funny...
The guy's object should also change to the one similar to the girl.