Looking at the current news that caught my attention, apart from Japan's current situation, what caught me thinking was Bi-Anne case and the Scotland case where Theresa killed her 3 children by stabbing them 8 times. The two incidents showed that there's different way parents think that they are giving the best to their children. Or that they love their children the most.

Here comes my opinion. Bi-Anne mother had never think of how hurtful the whole incident could have impacted her daughter. Her mum would have think that giving her a good education, bringing her to UK is giving her the best but she left out something important. Is that what her daughter wants? Will it change Bi-Anne if she forcefully bring her away from her father? Is it the best for Bi-Anne by forcing her to leave her comfort zone? Will she become a recluse or someone rebellious? The court case now would leave a deep scar to her childhood.

For Theresa, killing her child is a selfish act. But we couldn't blame her because she is mentally distraught being left alone by someone she called "husband". Someone she thought she could spend the rest of the life with. And since he left her, what's most important for a lady is her children. Many said that once girl has her own child, the child would be the most important person in her life compared to her husband.

I thank God for giving me a good family, a good parents. Come to think of it, my parents are the reason that I am living. Life is important but some times certain incident made me think why is it that a lost soul who doesn't know what she wants in life could be living while somebody who could make it big in life would die tragically. Recent event made me discovered something else about the death of an acquaintance, J, and this leaved me pondering. I found out from someone whom I met for the first time the other day that J had already got a job in a successful media company before even finishing his degree. He had already have big aims and plan in life. Why did God choose him ? He has a bright future but all this ended in just a split second. Life is so unpredictable. What is the meaning of life?