Disturbed 2

Today was supposed to post on my yesterday's weird encounter and also on today's badminton game. I haven't play for almost 8 - 10 years. The last time should be around Form 1 or Form 3. But right now, I don't think I have the mood to blog about it any more.

When I was out, I received a call from my friend that one of my friend had posted on Facebook that she no longer has the will to live. I was shocked when I heard that she has committed suicide before and this post should never be taken lightly about. I haven't heard any news from my friend up til now. No updates. No one knows how to contact her since she is overseas. No phone number. The only communication was through MSN and Facebook. Sigh. Wondering how she is. It's something disturbing. I even rejected a friend's call for movie.

I used to think why people (especially girls) will become so stupid to hurt themselves because of love; because of someone unworthy of their love until I encounter it myself. Hurt here doesn't necessary means committing suicide but in my other ways that bring harm to the body. There's nothing much one can do when emotion controls the best of you. Some times the conflict of emotions can even cause someone to be mentally unstable. They can't even control themselves - laughing at one moment and weeping the next.

I wonder if my friend is alright or not. How much can I care when I can't do anything? When I, myself also can't help myself from being an emotional freak. When I'm also in a wreck.