Don't Go Breaking My Heart ♥ and Unknown

I haven't been really blogging lately. Yesterday went out for movie and it's worth sleeping lesser for this movie. This movie screening date is today but I already watched it last night. 11.20pm movie. The movie is so sweet and for a Chinese show it is very long, almost 2 hours. I love the movie and the usage of the song Ai Hen Jian Dan 爱。很简单 created a sense of familiarity and I have always love this song. ^^ The song Wo Yuan Yi  is so touching when Daniel Wu sang it. The movie keep saying "10 man, 9 go out "curi makan" 1 is thinking. The eleventh guy, the Martian 火星男 already extinct" and I totally agree with it. Where can I find the eleventh guy?

The part in the movie whereby they get to know each other because they work in the opposite building and communicate and cheer each other reminded me of 2 movies but I don't remember which movie already. Nevertheless, the movie is a good one and has a lot of funny elements inside. I love the frog and the conclusion of the movie is a good one.

The movie is so heart warming and sweet. Lucky I didn't watch with K if not she will complain again that I bring her out for a couple movie. Finish watching and still feel very sweet the whole night until the next morning If watch with someone whom I really love sure even sweeter.

Rating: ♥/7

O... I totally forgotten that I have watched this movie. The storyline is good. Didn't expect the twist in the storyline which make it good as it is not like any ordinary movie. It's a little draggy but still okay.

Rating: 4.5/7