Drive Angry and I'm Number Four

I was thinking what I could post today as I was so busy til the extend I just finish listing out my WIP for Monday and it is a long list consider I don't even know if there's any new job coming in that day. *Phew* Today was a day with lots of running around and doing 7 jobs simultaneously that I forgotten one of them because the artist did not emailed over the file to me. Lucky it ain't a serious matter.

I've watched these 2 movies last Sunday on the same day and in the middle, a gap at Tasty Pot for Steamboat at Sunway Mentari. I had a pleasant and enjoyable day that day.

Drive Angry
Drive Angry I would suggest you all not to watch it. It's fake and I don't think it is nice even though I like Nicholas Cage. Quite a dumb movie.

Rating: 2/7

I am Number Four
I'm Number Four is quite acceptable. Quite nice for a movie that my friend said contains Harry Potter, Iron Man, Twilight and Dragonball element in it. Plus Jumper. I loved the part where John said that any place is home as long as love is there. Just like the quote I left in my Facebook post "No matter what, no matter where, it's always HOME if LOVE is there" ♥

Rating: 4/7