Do you believe in fate? I do. I guess God doesn't think it's the right time for me to keep in touch with a friend that I long did not talk with. I guess from the very beginning after that incident when ML contacted me, I was with the friend who had never supported our relationship from the beginning. A had seen us knowing each other til we don't talk any more. She had advised me not to reply.

Fate has it that I have always log out from my MSN in the office but there's only few times (I think 2-3 times) that I forgotten to log out my MSN and that was the time that he MSN-ed me. Maybe fate has it that it's not the time to talk yet. Or maybe we never should.

I'm starting to think that my recent blog post is so sad and negative and I should be blogging about something happy instead. So, let's put this topic in fate as well. I think that many things are fated too. But it still require us to make decision. As per daddy "fate lies in your own hand". I got few job offers but I have chosen the one I am in right now. If I chose the first one, I would have understand my job better as I would be servicing electronic gadgets - Samsung. Then I would have understand Samsung product such as Galaxy, the competitors - Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, HTC and other smartphones. But I chose cars instead. Something that I never understand. But maybe a challenge is all I need. Challenging myself with something I do not know. Something that I never have any interest in. What are torques? What are skirtings, spoiler, ABS, EBS, SRS etc? I am beginning to learn. I ain't good but I know that being in brand management, I must learn and understand whatever brand I am managing. I shouldn't be picky because I must give all brands and product a chance. I must understand and get to know them even if I don't use that product. That's being professional.

It's also fate that lead me to know my senior who has be an inspiration to me. She has become my target. I want to be like her. But how to? I am still in the dark. Blank of what I should do to become like her. She told me to continue doing what I am doing and I would be able to progress. She said she would check on me at the end of this year if I got promoted already or not. I am some how delighted but rather afraid. Would I be able to achieve the goal that I and my senior has set? I don't want to disappoint anyone. But I think having a short term goal and striving towards it is better than none.