Please kill me coz I'm suppose to be doing my work than blogging right now. I have to hand in my work tomorrow and I'm only 1/3 done or I should say 80% more to completion. I am as good as dead by now.

My friend just reminded me on how good would it be once you reach home and somebody is waiting there with an open arm to give you one big hug after a day of hardship. How comforting would that hug be. How lovely it would be to know that there's always someone supporting you.

This also reminded me of the past. On how I used to run straight to the door when I saw my dad home from work. I'll run straight to my smelly daddy to hug and kiss him; how I used to love to sit there and wait for my love to come home to hug him;  how I used to reach home after classes and when I saw him sitting there, I would go over and give him a big hug from the back; how i used to tell that I always feel the most secure when I am being hugged. As research shows that hugging raises the amount of oxytocin in our brains. Oxytocin is named as the "bonding hormone". When it is secreted, it causes people to feel safe and secure. You know that good feeling you get after you hug someone you care about? It isn't a coincidence. Hugging allows people to feel safe and secure (Lspel).

No wonder the time I felt most secure is when the people I love hugged me. I still love being hug. Even up til now, whenever I am down, I'll always ask for a hug. Thanks K for the supporting and comforting hug whenever I needed them. I feel like a koala bear too for hugging my mummy so often ♥. I think I've become even more attached to people recently. But the Cancerian side of me is coming out. The old me struggling to come out as I start to long for time of my own like right now. I hope I can have the whole house/room for myself. I need some breathing space of my own to be alone. Some privacy and also a comfort zone I can call my own. My own space, my own corner. Isk.... Geram aku for these 2 days and I am still in a bad mood that I can't do my things. I want to scream, I feel like hitting, biting, pinching something. The other day my dream was so vivid. I dreamt I have bruises all over my body which I felt good about it (the pain) and bad (cause I'm trying to hide the scars). Evaluation of the dream: My subconscious is in pain kut... In love with the pain too. But my rational side doesn't allow me to show it out and helping me to suppress it (so I'm trying to hide them). Anyway I always run out of topic. I still missed out 3 movies review. Will be posting more within this week.