The King's Speech

I totally forgotten about this movie. I’ve watched this movie the week before Black Swan. Quite a good one for a movie with a lot of talking/speech. Some might just hate this movie but I think it’s ok. I think my brain might have blocked away my memory on the thing that happen during this movie which is why I totally don’t remember to blog about it until I saw a Facebook post today. I was trying to think what movie I left out because my previous post stated that there will be 3 movie reviews coming. Erm... It’s an event/incident/… (I don’t know what word to use) that made me confused, that caught me thinking for some times. I guess my brain was trying to block away things that I shouldn’t think about. Which is why I totally don't remember a thing about the movie. It’s not a bad thing though. Just something I shouldn't give a thought on.

By the way, I’ve learnt a new word from this movie – Stammer. It meant people who can’t talk properly. Oxford dictionary defined this word as “speak-ing with sudden involuntary pauses and a tendency to repeat the initial letters of words.”

Rating: 5.5/7 (The friend who watched this movie with me stated that this movie is the best among all the rest that he has seen recently. So, what's your comment?)