The Moms....

Mars Needs Moms
Just like all cartoon you can predict the ending but it is still entertaining. How hurtful it is when a child tells his mom that his life would be better without her. Any way, the story end in a warm hearted way. ♥ O ya… The production was so cool. I love it. Can really think of it as an option to be a production crew but I don’t think this line suits me.

I’ve watched 2 cartoons/animation with this friend. N must think that I am very childish like a little girl. But as usual la… I am childish and it felt nice to be treated like a little girl too. ^^

Rating: 4/7

Big Momma Like Father Like Son
This movie is extremely funny and lovely. Even if you have never watch the first 2 Big Momma, you will be able to understand the whole story as the continuation is little apart from missing all the funny gist of how Big Momma come to it. But still it's a good laughter. I was worry about my dad not enjoying it but after seeing him laughing throughout the movie, it felt good. ^^

I love the music in the movie - Prodi G and the composition was good. How good is it if I am musically talented. I wanted to learn piano but I didn't continue after 1 lesson with my cousin. (Damn lazy la me...) I love to sing but I had stopped singing after someone teased me. I know that he meant no harm but just to tease but as a sensitive crab, I had stopped singing after that. When I see him laughing and teasing my other housemates, I no longer sing. But my passion is always there and it's noticeable that I love singing or else I wouldn't have joined choir during Standard 5 and Form 1; and the Drama and Music Club in Form 1 and 2 until the club teacher left. Or I wouldn't have standout in front of others to sing. Lalala.... xp I've starting to sing in front of someone I felt comfortable with. ^^ Bringing out the old me felt so comfortable.

Rating: 5/7