World Invasion : Battle Los Angeles

Oh my. I really don't know how to rate this movie. I am half away (my mind was wandering) while I am watching this movie. Sigh. Wasted. Sorry "dear". But I am still aware of what is happening in the movie. Just ain't really focusing. I can predict the ending like most war movies. Many sacrificed themselves for the greater good but in the end, the evil force sure lose. I don't even know what I was thinking.

Today whole day moody. Feel like banging my head on the wall; biting, pinching, scratching something; and screaming and crying out loud. I need a place to release all this mix of emotions. I don't know why but I felt much better calling him out to accompany me. Now I no longer feel like crying any more.

It always feel nice to have someone to give me another POV. Although not serious evaluation like K, it helps a lot as it's a rather different perspective. It's a complete different feeling as after relating my problems out to him as they no longer sounded serious. He is able to make them sound like a small issue which I can just put aside and leave it there unless they arise again.

It always take me a lot of courage just to find people to accompany when I am sad and even bigger courage to relate the problem out (I rarely share my problems... I mean feelings with people unless I trust them). And I was able to relate my feeling like it doesn't matter. I was still smiling and laughing while I was talking. I think I got a very good mask on. I can hide my emotion well now. People scold also I listen only. After that, smile and walk away as if nothing happen. You wanna scold then scold la... I'm numbed.

Apart from K, no one else including him, sensed that I was really sad today. But now it seems like nothing already. Today's... I mean yesterday's night outing wasn't a waste after all. At least I can go to bed now without having the problem to fall asleep. ^^ Thanks friend. Some how you are able to help brighten my gloomy day a little.