Japanese food & Source Code ♥

Japanese food spree. ♥ 3 times in one week. 2 times yesterday. Lunch and dinner. Yummy. I thought I will be "jelak" with it but no... I still love Japanese food. Plus it's 3 different places. Tuesday I had Sushi Zanmai and no place can beat its soft shell crab. Yesterday I had Rakuzen at Empire Mall. Followed by dinner at Sushi Tei, Tropicana City.  Ending the day with a good movie - Source Code.

Sushi Zanmai, 1 Utama
Super delicious Japanese food. Sushi King, Sakae Sushi, Robot Sushi (or used to be called Sushi Groove) can never beat this shop. The food served here is very nice plus its addictive. The sushi here is nicer than Shogun and Tenji too. Jogoya? I don't really remember how does its sushi taste like. Additionally, the price here is reasonable too. Not very expensive. There's another outlet at Sunway Pyramid. The food is the same but the service there - not so good.

Rating: 7/7

Rakuzen, Empire Mall
First time eating here. The food here is more reasonable if you ordered the set meal. Yesterday had lunch here so only notice the lunch menu and not the dinner one. What comes with the set depends on which set you ordered but the usual ones are the cawanmushi, pickles, fruits. The cawanmushi don't taste like the ordinary cawanmushi at other Japanese restaurant.

The portion is very big though so it's quite reasonable for the price. Per set is around RM22 - RM38 depending on what you ordered. However, I think calling sushi separately is expensive. They charge sushi per pieces you ordered. For the salmon sushi, it's RM5 per piece. Not per plate of two. It's better to make reservation before going because it is very pack. You can call 03-56350100 or 012-4602320. The service here is very good. The people here service with a smile. Good one.

Rating: 6/7

Sushi Tei, Tropicana City
I ate here a few times already. Every time also I got the same table and seat. Such coincidence. Yesterday I was so full. Lunch was already full with udon and rice set (Lucky it was shared). Then I had a piece of dark chocolate cake bought from Empire Mall. It was delicious. The shop was located near Jaya Grocer but its signboard differ from the receipt name. The receipt name was Eathena Bakery Deli Restaurant. One 500g cake cost RM55. Back to the topic. Sushi Tei food is also better than Sushi King, Sakae Sushi but not as good as Zanmai. Haha... Yesterday I was so full I shared with my friend. I let him pick the order and both of us ended up with a RM71.80 bill. Such gluttony until I went home after movie I was still full. And my movie was like 1 hour later after the dinner.

Rating: 5/7

Source Code
A nice movie. Not as complicated as Inception. I don't know what to comment. Plus hate that girl sitting there with her Kim Possible message tone. Non stop. Haha... At first I thought it was from the movie. But then, quite a nice movie. What will you do if  you know you have less than 8 minutes to live?

Rating: 5/7