Just Go With It

Just finish bathing. While waiting for my hair to dry, I might as well blog about the movie I watched today. Before movie I had Sushi Zanmai for dinner ♥ I'm not afraid of radiation la... It's ridiculous. If you wanna be afraid of it then you should also stop eating seafood including fish. So, no to fish and chips too??

I read the synopsis of the movie first, watched the trailer and then watched the movie. The storyline is just as expected. Plastic surgery surgeon asking his assistant to pretend to be his soon-to-be ex-wife to cover his lie to a girl whom he wants to spend his life with, ended up finding himself already deeply in love with the assistant. Typical ending whereby he will be with his assistant aka a friend whom he has known for very long.

Okay, I'm talking as it the show is nothing new, nothing nice but it is contrary. The movie is hilarious. I have quite a good laughter plus it's sweet. Adam Sandler never fail to entertain people while Jennifer Aniston is awesome. Brad Pitt just lost a gem there. Nicole Kidman- funny and great body  figure.

I can't believe the girl playing Adam's girlfriend is just one year older than I do. But I do agree though that she looked her age. It's just that don't feel my age. Every time I asked people to guess my age, the answer I get is always within 18 to 20. And some times I do get 16 and 17 if they don't know I am working. Those who thinks I'm working always thought that I am just a diploma graduate. It's a good thing but some times it's bad as people don't take me seriously. Anyway, I would give the movie quite high rating. 5 out of a scale of 7.