Little J

Wow... Just met him last Sunday and 10 days don't see him like 1 month don't see him. So much changes. The first time meeting him is already love at first sight. Now only I understand what is unconditional love. Loving J without expecting anything in return. Seeing him growing up and healthy makes me happy.

Last month he was still fat, fat and chubby. A week later he became so thin but "longer" or should I say taller. A week later he is so hyperactive when I carry him and my mum told me not to carry him any more, afraid that I don't have the strength and I might drop him >.<

Sunday I met him was my happiest time. I said "bao bao" and he knows how to react to it. ^^ He even let me embrace and carry him. ♥ Although my hand still aching from cuddling him (he's so heavy), it's something memorable. I used to have this BB vs me thing because he cries every time I carry him. Unlike my little cousins. He is the most difficult baby. The only baby who cries when I carry him. Quite sad and challenging since he is different from other baby. He is my nephew. From a lot of people's evaluation, I guess it's because of my body temperature that he doesn't like me to carry him. I'm quite hot and every time I carry him, he will be sweating. The score used to go like this - BB vs me ~ 1:0, 2:0, 3:0, 3:1, 4:1, 4:2, 4:3, 5:3, 5:4, 5:5 and then I start to win over him. Yeah. I lose count already how many times I have carry him

The most significant one is back in PD when he woke up from his so call "nap" (which don't even reach 30mins). I went in the room and cuddle him after hearing him making noises. Guess what? He fell asleep in my embrace. I barely dare to move a bit because he can't fall asleep in PD. PD weather is so bad that even a baby cannot withstand it. And he will be awaken by the slightest movement. He always cry and that time he must have been very tired to fall asleep in my embrace because that time the BB vs me thing was still ongoing. I love seeing him sleeping tightly on my shoulder. ♥