Love and Other Drugs

18 April 2011 - I cried watching this movie. Tears falling down without me noticing.

My friend and I were supposed to watch Scream 4 yesterday as I had mentioned on Saturday that I wanted to watch a horror movie but the movie time is at 10.20pm which is quite late for both of us who have to work the next day. So, we opted for Love and Other Drugs instead. Too much censored scenes (it's 18sx). I guess we missed out a lot. I meant the conversation that happens during the scenes. It's like some of the conversation/points can't connect.

I was shaken by the movie when I watched the uncut version. Unlike other romance movie, it's one that would move you emotionally. To quote from the movie "you meet thousands of people and none of them touch you. And then you meet one person and your life is changed forever" ♥

Rating: 4/7