My New Bros Water Bottle

My water bottle break already. Every time also not my fault. >.< I went to look for my own water bottle a few times but never found something that suits me. Finally found one that suits me - the size fits me all. Bros water bottle. The problem is the design. I want a design that suits my personality as well. I love the design with the girl sitting on the swing. It suits my style. I love going to the playground whenever I am sad and whenever I am happy.

But i ended up not choosing this design. I chose a black and white colour Koi fish design. I think this design is better as it looks more professional if I bring it to work compared to the design with a girl and teddy bear.

Anyway I also like this design since it is simple and does suit me to bring to work. It's just that I prefer the girl with the swing design better. It suits my mood and personality more but to bring it to work of course I would choose something more presentable as I am already like a little girl to the rest and to bring such water bottle, I think they would think that I am very very childish.