10 June

Why put this date as title when it isn't 10th June yet? Good question.

My reminder rang and reminded me that 2 weeks from now is this date. It was stupid of me to put it as a yearly thing because I never needed this reminder. And I definitely do not need this reminder any more. I thought it would be a yearly thing forever but it seems that nothing last.

Self-deception and illusion are never a good thing. So, it is wise to not hope for too much. To have both feet on the ground. Live life at the moment and enjoy it. In life, you learn that not everyone stays in the process. As per EPL, certain people come into your life to help you reach another level and once their responsibility is done, they will walk off your life. They were there/here once in your life to help you learn/experience something.

Someone told me this once or should I say 1 or 2 weeks ago that there comes to a certain point in life that a person must learn to live in seclusion. I would disagree with him. Doing things, eating and staying alone doesn't necessary mean you are living in seclusion. You are still out in the society but it's just that you are not talking to them. Complete seclusion would meant disconnecting from everyone and the world. I would rather spend my day relaxing at Starbucks - enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and a good book and this does not mean living in seclusion. I am still spending my day with people but it's just that they are strangers and I don't  talk to them. In life you must enjoy it and be happy. No matter how bad a situation is, we should always maintain optimistic. It doesn't make a difference if you are sad and happy. So, why not choose to be happy? "Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response."