2011 Mother's Day

Every year Mother's Day I would try to make it to celebrate with my mommy or should I say I will celebrate with her every year. I used to think that mommy is someone very strict and some times I think that I can't approach her when I am young but then she is my comforting arm all this time. And when I grew older, I realized that being strict is because she care for us and she is actually someone very approachable. Someone whom I can share my secrets and have a nice talk with; just like a sister and my bff. Someone whom I can rely on no matter what, someone whom love me unconditionally, someone who will be there for me no matter what, someone whom I can "manja", a shoulder to cry on and someone who plays a lot of different roles in my life. The one who comes in to my room and pull the blanket over me when I have kicked it away, when the weather is cold or when I am sick. That warm feeling makes sleep nicer. I felt very warm even if the weather is very cold. I can only remember very few person who would do the same thing to me while I was sleeping: daddy, mommy, sis, beku and bekim. These people, apart from my sisters, are my parents.

I wasn't home this year for Mother's Day as I was at Shine. I was so near to home. I was at Nilai, a 30 mins drive home. If I have a car I think I would have driven home right after Shine finished and come back to KL on Monday morning. I told my mommy that I would celebrate it with her later. Every year I would give her a great bear hug  but instead of hugging her, I hugged a lot of people this year. Pure and caring hugs. Guys, gals, whomever they are. Just a comforting hug. Something I would feel very uncomfortable unless they are extremely close friends. But this year, these hugs felt very different. I hug willingly without being uncomfortable.

I had a very great, interesting and different experience this Mother's Day. A Mother's Day without mommy this year. Something I regretted but then I didn't regret going to Shine. Just that they should have chosen another day. I know I hug my mommy every time I see her but still, it's like something amiss. Although I always say "if you love someone, don't just show it on a particular day, do it everyday", I still want to be there with her. That day means something to me. I know it also means something to her too.

I know just like each and everyone would say this "my mom is the best mom in the world" and it's kinda lame to say it BUT I agree to it. I would never want someone else as my mom. She is also one of a kind. A mom who is very different from the rest and I love her a lot. If I am given a chance to choose my mom, I definitely would choose her back. I wouldn't want someone rich because money can't buy love. And I would say this, thank you for loving me unconditionally and being there for me. And I'll dedicate this song to you again. I sang it once to you earlier this year: