Bond paranoia

How should I start?

I think I am a paranoid freak or should I say I am a paranoia freak. I don't know if it looks bad for me to request my boss for a b&w confirmation that my training will not bond me to the company. I know that being bonded at least meant that I have a secure job. Thanks but no thanks. I don't like being tie up. I prefer doing things or should I say going to work because I want to go to work and not because I have to go to work. I prefer doing things on my own free will.

Being bonded is like having my parents setting a curfew on me and if that happens, that's when the more I rebellious I would be. Lucky my parents never do that because there's a trust between us. I think what's more important is this type of emotional attachment. Being bonded makes me hate my job. I will despise going to work because I feel like I am being force to work.

Besides, I had earlier made a gentleman agreement with my boss by WOM to stay in the company for a year. I prefer this type of trust than being bonded black and white.

Just when I am feeling sick, my friend brought me to a vegetarian place at SS2 (Green Meadow) which is quite a good thing. A plus point, I do enjoy healthy food. Do I look like a person who only eat meat and who enjoys only fried, oily, 种口味 food? My friend was making fun of me while we are making our way up to the restaurant/cafe. But also quite true. Apart from my own cooking and home cook meal by mummy, I rarely go to places like this.

Mee Jawa
Yummylicious cabbage wrap ♥
Didn't realize the pic I took is blury
Lotus Leaf Rice - a bit dry and my mushroomS missing. Only found 2 tiny bit  >.<

My friend said that this place has a nutritionist. Going to this place reminded me of a place in KL which I had went there last July. It's called Jade Garden Restaurant. Although it is not vegetarian food, that place is well-known for its herbal tonic soup and MSG free food. This place has a zhong yi over there. He wouldn't prescribe medicine but will tell you what your body lack off or what you shouldn't eat. Both these 2 places have been featured by Ah Xian.

The dishes that we ordered and shared.
I ♥ herbal soup...
Yummy veges (So colourful, so attractive)
I forgotten what this is.
O ya... Forgotten to say, Jade Garden Restaurant is located at Jalan Tong Shin. When my friend park her car there, the restaurant is located at a place that looks like an old flat (reminded me of Genting Court) but my perception changed after tasting the food. The food is yummy.