Since today I am early, I might as well blog especially I can sleep in late tomorrow. Yeah... ^^
3-in-1? Yup... Gonna talk about Detective 2 movie which leads to split personality and of course me-being rebellious.

I wonder what is wrong with me. I don't feel that the movie is so exciting at all as described by my cousin the other day. Or my friend's comment that it is full of suspense. It's like I am already numb towards suspense and thrills recently. I wonder what movie can bring that feeling back out. I am hoping that the upcoming Final Destination could. The movie is not bad. It's average but a little draggy.

Rating: 3/7

Watching this movie on split personality does remind me of something which I thought I would get a long time ago. I remember thinking that I was too normal, too in control and rational that one day I might get split personality.

There's a HK drama, Placebo Cure that revolves around a psychiatrist and his patients and I used to think that I might turn out to be one of his patient (the chapter whereby this girl has 2 personalities - 1 who follow rules and being too rational while the other was completely opposite). I think the more emotional unstable you think you are, the stronger and more in control you are.

I'm becoming a rebel. The other day Shine's end evaluation is that I will become a runaway child. I wonder how true would that be.