The Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 (Rodrick Rules)

Went to watch movie at 1U on Friday night. When our queue reached the counter, not much ticket was left. Kungfu Panda (both English and Cantonese) left the front seat. I've watched Priest and nothing much that I wanted to watch then as the movie I wanted to watch is no longer playing. So, we opted for The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning as the last one my friend commented that it was not too good while her bf (now ex) said that it was great. So, who should I trust then? The guy always say that all movie is ok or good so of course I would have trusted my friend more.

However, I was wrong. It was great for a good laugh. So funny. Rofl with my movie partner. Lucky we didn't made the wrong choice. Greg (Zachary Gordon) is so good looking even at such a young age. I think he gonna make it big in the future. Holly (Peyton List) looks a bit more mature compared to the previous movie I had watched. At least she is playing her own role rather than playing a role of "young somebody in the movie" (flashback). A good brother + brother relationship movie and Patty (Laine Macneil)'s voice is so good. Love the song she sang too.

Rating: 4/7

The movie I wanted to watch was no longer playing apart from during weekdays 3.20 pm or 4pm. I want to watch "Something Borrowed" la. CK said that it is very nice. I went movie a few time wanted to watch this but in the end always ended up watching other movie. Now only left this whole weekdays at 3 something. How to watch la? The trailer: