Thanks BROS

All this while I was blogging to share my thoughts on the things (especially movies and songs) that I encountered or my feelings/events that I wanted to share with people. Never did I expect that blogging would get me a free gift. Thanks BROS. I was just blogging about my new water bottle and I got another for free. ^^

Wow. BROS is so efficient. They featured my blog last Wednesday and said that they will send me a new water bottle. I reverted the address that they are supposed to dispatch the bottle over at 12am on 3 May and guess what? The bottle arrived the same day, 3 May. The day before yesterday . If not mistaken just after lunch around 2pm. So good.

Dispatch arrived ^^
Got letter inside also
My NEWEST (as per 3/5/2011) BROS water bottle ♥
No wonder the new water bottle look so familiar. It's BROS latest  profile picture ^^ I was kinda expecting maybe I could get the girl on the swing water bottle but still I love it. 3 acts (Reduce.Reuse.Recycle) 2 love 1 Earth. ♥