Hi. I'm back. I just came back from Langkawi yesterday night but I'm gonna blog about it later this week cause brain-jammed now. Had seafood for the past 3 days and had seafood platter again today. Crazy right? Right after my 1 meal for the whole day, I went and watch Thor (3D). Nice movie but you don't have to watch 3D for this. Not much of effect that's worth going for 3D for this movie. I bought 3D tickets because the normal one was so pack.

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) has such a nice body figure. Btw... Thursday is a day dedicated to Thor. As a Thursday child, I quite like the idea of it. ^^ This year, my birthday falls on Thursday. I was actually planning to get Thursday and Friday off so that I can plan something to do but some how it seems my plan is gonna be foiled. >.<

Rating: 5/7