Workaholic and Priest

I should be sleeping right now. Tomorrow gonna be a late night again or should I say I might be working till morning again. But I just feel like blogging while waiting for my hair to dry. Should I categorize myself as a workaholic? I went to the office yesterday (Sun) even though I wasn't obliged to do so. It's just that I felt the need to go in to do certain things. Lucky I made the right choice. I thought of going in for an hour to help me save the trouble today and I ended up spending 4 hours there. Which means that I saved myself a lot of trouble today since my manager is not in.

After working for 4 hours, I made my own weekend count too. At least I have my own personal time. I went and watch Priest and had my first meal of the day. Breakfast cum lunch cum dinner. And guess what? I lost 4 kgs in 8 days. I have achieved my personal goal but then in a very unhealthy way. Loss of appetite ain't a good thing but at least I made myself eat. Although I didn't finish my rice, at least I "consume" something.

Back to Priest. It's an okay movie I would say but I read lots of review saying that it is bad. Terribly bad. I would say I don't know what to categorize this movie. It's a vampire movie but I wouldn't say it is a horror movie as it is not scary at all. O well... Why should I follow what people say that it is a bad movie or so? I think it is quite decent. However, I think the vampire queen look like an alien or should I say I think the movie looks like an alien movie at the same time. xp

Rating: 3/7

O well. Decided. I am going straight to bed. Good night readers.